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Top 15 Albums in 2006

First off - I suck at this, I suck at actually following which music gets released which year. I usually discover bands and artists 3 years after but seeing as how this year's number one for me holds a special place in my heart - I couldn't resist.

15. Wolfmother - Wolfmother

I'm usually not a big "rock hard" fan but there's something about Wolfmother that I just love. And it could be his Gaz (Supergrass) like looks, that both scare and attract me in combination with his brilliant screaming voice. When he started singing 'White Unicorn', I was sold. There's just something very catchy and different about this, even for someone that can't really name one Black Sabbath song properly.

14. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

Most people fall in love with Beirut because of "Postcards From Italy" which has this sweet hawaii vibe to it, it breaks your heart and makes you want to put on your prettiest white dress and dance through a wheat field (even men, admit it) but I actually loved Beirut from the moment I heard 'Mount Wroclai' which is more like the Yann Tiersen french horns in them (although I'm not sure I'm in the right position to make that comparison.) I'm actually not naming songs from Gulag Orkestar here, but listen to 'Rhineland (Heartland)' if you like 'Postcars From Italy' and you'll fall in love again.

13. Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics

OKAY. Guilty pleasure one. Secretly - I've always been a Christina fan. It's her voice, and the fact that I sing too, I try to raise the bar for myself and scream along to her songs. I'm a sucker for those back to basics samples and sounds, 'I Got Trouble' actually sounds old and has this old stage moulin rouge feeling to it. I just love her voice, arrest me.

12. KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope

I'm not sure where I should put KT Tunstall's music, but she's amazing. Her voice is just rough and lovely at the same time, her songs are poppy yet have this special feeling to it... and she has so much power on her own, in a dress, with one guitar and one voice and one guitar pedal. The first song I loved (which is the uber gay in me speaking) was 'Heal Over', but if you really want a taste of KT Tunstall, I suggest you check out her new Acoustic Extravaganza album aswell. Wanna hear her voice and fall in love? Sophie Solomon - Lazarus. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever.

11. Nouvelle Vague - Bande A Part

How could this not be in here? I love Nouvelle Vague for making me like 'Making Plans For Nigel', I fucking hated that song, but the way they did it made me see it different, and I even named my pluche sheep after it, can ya believe it. 'Dance With Me' and 'Blue Monday' make me think summer, good or bad, it'll make you want to drink wine, stay in your underwear and dance to this all night long.

10. Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds

COME.ON. Who doesn't have Justin up here?? I had to have him in the top 10. Justin is brilliant. He is fucking bringing sexy back! Seriously - another guilty pleasure. He's a showman, and not a badlooking one (unlike Robbie Williams who I like because he's funny but he can't sing and he's beginning to look like shit more and more) and his songs are just too much fucking fun. You can't tell me you've never secretly enjoyed Sexyback, right? I wouldn't believe you anyways.

9. The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier

I'm late with this, when I heard 'Steady As She Goes' I thought to myself 'oh no Jack, what have you done!!' but I came to my senses when I heard 'Broken Boy Soldier.' It could have been partly the video too. But his voice is the real old Jack White again, that itchy voice you either hate or love. And now I think 'BRIL-LI-ANT.' A mix of old Blur (think Leisure) and Supergrass in there and Beatles just everywhere, a bit of White Stripes and yet there's this poppy fun side too. I'm serious, have a listen, and listen twice, it's just super. If you weren't sure about them by hearing their first singles, listen to the CD, I recommend while cleaning your room, it'll help you clean and make you feel GREAT.

8. Sondre Lerche - Duper Sessions

Aaah I remember 'Two Way Monologue' and 'Modern Nature'. Sondre Lerche is just fucking cute. Norwegian cute even, okay his older songs were not that original or special, but they made you feel good, right? Now, his Duper Sessions CD, chilly jazz with his lovely sweet voice, it's just to die for, and I haven't even heard all!!

7. The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth

Who isn't a Strokes fan? You're not? Liar, secretly listening to Reptilia in your room. I was a bit afraid they would have gone the same on this third album, not that they weren't good before, but it would have gotten too much after two albums of that typical Strokes sound. And it's still there tho! But in a new jacket. 'Ize Of The World' is my personal fave, that solo is just too great to play leg guitar on. Again, a brilliant album, and this is coming from someone who liked 'Room On Fire' better than 'Is This It?'. I'm pretty sure the Strokes will never do something wrong, the way they work together is just what every band wishes for.

6. Fink - Biscuits For Breakfast

I discovered him through Myspace, and I fell in love after hearing' Biscuits For Breakfast', I thought I had seen the light, no shit. Not to mention 'All Cried Out' just broke my heart. There's simply put nothing I don't like about Fink. This could be, dare I say it; real love.

5. Joanna Newsom - Ys

Joanna Newsom, another one, you either hate or love her, and kids, I love her. And I'm super jealous of her. I wish I came up with those melodies and that sound!! I have to admit that I actually haven't properly listened to 'Ys' yet, but I cannot stop listening to 'Emily.'

4. Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55

'AF607105' made me appreciate Charlotte even more. I knew her father (Serge) before, but then I saw her in The Science Of Sleep, and I remembered she was an artist too. I looked her up and I love her. Who can resist that french accent, in combination with english? It's just lovely, and her soft piano songs can really make you burst down in tears - if that's what you're after. A rainy day album, that'll make you see things a lot different.

3. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

You're crazy if you don't like Arctic Monkeys. I can give you 20 reasons why you should listen to them and 13 of them are the songs on this album. They are different from what you think they are. Fucking listen to the lyrics!! They're brilliant, they have made me get chills many times before. This is another more rock side to me perhaps, cause I'm usually more gayish, but I can't deny how amazing they are. So very young but sooo very talented. I... well.. just listen.

2. Cat Power - The Greatest

I'll always be a Cat Power fan, and I'm even a bigger fan after I saw her live. I'm jealous of this one again. And at first I didn't like 'The Greatest', it was too country for me... but it grew to me. I began to saw the simplicity and the pure-ness of these songs and I've been addicted ever since. 'Lived In Bars' and 'Living Proof' just make you realise what an artist Chan Marshall is. You have to get used to this one, I think, after a few listens and after you've discovered different levels in it - you'll love it. Not to mention the cover is awesome.

1. The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out

I love The Kooks, and I love everything about them, I don't think I'll ever get tired of this album, never ever. I've seen them live in the days they weren't this gigantic hype yet, and no 12year olds were screaming just yet (I'm older, I'm allowed to scream okay). And I've seen them on a festival, and then I've seen them when there were bodyguards and insane fans around and I loved every fucking moment of every time I saw them live. What's it about The Kooks that make me love them? They're just... GREAT. 'Sofa Song', man the intro of this song, as well as for 'Ooh La', I just turn from frowny to happy when I hear them. It might be all of the great memories, it might just be that they are brilliant. Either way, there, The Kooks, you are number one for this year. This'll probably be in the top 5 forever, just because they've made my 2006 a tad better.


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ohshit awesomely done! gotta get my stella groove in action too but still need a week to check some albums out (and a few of your list as well). Mount Wroclai is btw best Beirut song idd. So much better.

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