Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For my inner joker, stealing my heart

I need a cure, but I won't be cured until I've reached you. And until my life gets on track again, I won't sleep, I'll never sleep again. How could I sleep if I might be wasting time? And what will tell me that you will stay? When you realize I'm just a daily sacrifice away. I will never be able to forget you, but if I have to, but if I have to... I guess I'll have to. Look around, just to find, I'm never that far away from you, and always so ready, willing and able to. You provide me with high, but you've never been right, about how much my body wanders for life.

My inner joker, stop stealing my heart,
have you been to the upper west,
have you seen the woman's bloody chest
have you been thaught the inner rest,
if you have then why are you still not fighting for the best?

You only have to see it in my eyes,
to realize
there's only one heart
that will make you rise.

I will never be able to forget you.

(You are)
(You are my heart)
(I am your heart, and we'll never get out)


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