Monday, October 09, 2006

Dick Bruna's 'Nijntje'

Dude there's something seriously wrong with childrens cartoons these days like I was watching Dick Bruna's nijntje and nijntje's all like 'ooh I love colours' well actually no, nijntje doesn't really speak, it's a speaker telling us what nijntje's saying, now first off - why's that huh? Why can't nijntje speak for hiself? Also, Nijntje's supossed to be a boy right? This sure as hell came as a shock to me. Now, Nijntje's all up in a drawing talking about the beautiful colours, and he's painting green on a piece of paper but when you look at his painting colours in the box he's only got blue, yellow and red, and I simply don't believe that Nijntje can already mix colours n shit, it's not like he ever went to school, only in some episodes he does, so in other episodes it's always holidays? Fun life ya got there Nijntje. So Nijntje starts describing all the colours he sees outside, like the blue sky and the green grass and then he looks at his hands and says 'and I'm white!' now at this point his friend 'Nina' rings the doorbell, Nina's a brown bunny, and why doesn't Nijntje point this out? Because he would've said 'And Nina's black!' and this would have been racist. But now that Nijntje hasn't said anything about Nina's colour, he's simply TRYING to avoid Nina's black so that's racist again. Nina asks Nijntje is they can go out and play but what bugs me next is, Nijntje and Nina and all their friends... they're young little troopers, right? They're still very young. Then why do they all have a house of their own? How grown up are these bunnies exactly?
Now next they go to the playground to play and have fun and I admit I kind of fell asleep during this part so I have no complaints about that but I'm sure they did fucked up shit, so when I wake up they're all crazy about this... rainbow they see. FIRST Nijntje yells 'That's a rainbow!!' so, he knows what it looks like right? He must have seen it before, if not in real life, maybe on a drawing or whatever crazy shit he looks at all the time, but he must have known what it looks like otherwise he would not have recognised it... and yet, the speaker lady says 'They have NEVER seen such beautiful colours together and they're very happy!' So this makes no fucking sense, Nijntje is a faker and cheater and HAS seen those colours before, bitch.

And I'm not even gonna talk about WHY they're all hopped up on colours this much.


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